Upcoming General Meeting

Upcoming General Meeting


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Far so many people have been accusing us of too much talk and less action, well, we’ve played our parts and it is your turn to come out in mass to the next general meeting in Ibadan. It is time to take that bold step. We all have been guilty of silence, negligence and unreasonable hopefulness even when we see nothing good forthcoming soonest.

Politicians have 500,000 likes on Facebook and millions on Twitter. Ain’t we the ones following them ? We totally support them, we give them all our “thumbs up” and that’s the reason they’ve been insensitive to our humble plea! Let’s discuss strategics on how to go about this – we have Governors in our inaugurated states, how do we approach them peacefully for their support like intellectuals?

How would the president in Abuja hear our voice and have a round table discussion with us? Who is representing us at the National Conference? If none of us – how do we ensure what affects us is discussed?

Let’s Meet

Date: Saturday 15th of March 2014
Time: 10 AM prompt
Venue: Loyola college
Agodi Gate, Along Old Ife Road by Aronmolaran, Ibadan.

Please remember it is a peaceful gathering and let’s keep it peaceful.


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