We had been observing the incident of the 15th of March, 2014 when hundreds of thousands of job applicants thronged various test centres to supposedly sit for a test, but 19 of our comrades didn’t make it back. They were killed by the same elite system that we have been trying to correct. They were killed for jobs that were non-existent. They are definitely in a better place now.

We decided not to take reactionary steps by waiting to see what the response of the Federal Government would be. They have cancelled the exercise of futility which took place, they have promised each of our fallen comrades’ families 3 job slots and also a refund of the N1000 paid to the Government by the applicants. We see that this is a knee-jerk and feeble reaction and the root cause of the issues that led to this incident are still there, still ever present. What use is it going to be to cut a tentacle off a hydra monster? It would grow right back.

The organizers of the sham are still walking free; their kids are schooling and working abroad while they are here fleecing poor unemployed graduates of their money. Nigeria is the only country in the world that an unemployed graduate would be expected to pay money to apply for jobs; If they had the money in the first place, would they be job-hunting?

Our comrades might have fallen but we promise they won’t fall in vain. We are still here and the system is still the same.  Injustice to one is injustice to all. We won’t sit and take the knee-jerk carrot that has been offered by the Federal Government to keep us quiet.

It reeks of desperation when the Federal Government says they would offer employment to ANY 3 members of the slain applicants’ families, whether a graduate or not. You can sense that they just want us to become quiet, so that everything can go on as usual. We will not. For the sake of our comrades that have fallen, we will not, for the graduates sitting at home on the precipice of temptation and crime, we will not.

What we have decided to do is stage a peaceful protest. To ensure that this unemployment issue is fully addressed, we have communicated with our legal advisers, Femi Falana and chambers about our intention. The peaceful protest will hold in Lagos State and we shall announce the date and venue of convergence shortly.

Please join us in this struggle and together, we shall win through to absolute victory.

Aluta Continua!!!


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