Date for Mass Rally Against Unemployment Fixed

Date for Mass Rally Against Unemployment Fixed



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The National Association of Unemployed Graduates in solidarity with Joint Action Front JAF, a united front of pro-Labour organizations and activists who are mostly legal solicitors in Nigeria with faith in the Labour Movement and believe in the strength of the working masses and youth, and Movement for Fundamental Change (MFC), hereby declares a peaceful MASS RALLY for the UNEMPLOYED.

Date – Thursday, 27th March, 2014
Time – 8:00AM prompt (No “African time” please)
Venue – Nigeria Civil Service Union Secretariat, CBD, Alausa, Ikeja
Comments – Security Guaranteed, Dress with a touch of black, and mobilise as much friends as possible.

Our Demands
1) Just compensation to the families of the dead and injured applicants at the NIS testing, refund of the N1000 collected from applicants, and compensation to all applicants for expenses incurred.

2) Decent work and Living Wage for ALL

3) Unemployment Benefits for ALL

4) Public ownership and democratic control of the economy

5) Reversal of the IMF and World Bank policies of privatisation, deregulation, monetization, outsourcing, bail out of collapsed private banks and interest with public funds, foreign debt enslavement, etc.

If we have the full and total support of our fathers, mothers and legal professionals, and true activists, there is no reason why we, the directly affected UNEMPLOYED GRADUATES must not be part of this rally. We are fed up of the Government and their selfish interests. They do not care about us, and if we do not voice out and make that change now, who will? Our destinies lie in our hands.

We implore you all to be present at the venue of the mass rally, by 8:00 AM prompt on March 27, 2014.

COME ONE, COME ALL and together, we shall win through to absolute victory!


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